Feudalism is Real and Ugly

I have a good friend who has family living in Pakistan. He struggles with how they are because of the stories that he reads on a daily basis. He is able to talk with them at times on the phone, and he hears both good and bad stories. He told me that feudalism is rampant in the area where his relatives live, and that is the main reason why he is so afraid for them. I had heard of feudalism before, but I did not know how to apply it to the real world since I have never experienced anything like it.

When I asked him to explain it in more context, he did. I was shocked because I knew that bad things happened in the world, but I guess I was living more in a bubble than I realized because those things just did not happen around me. Crime is bad at times, but it is not something where I am terrified, always wondering what the day is going to bring to me. Read More …

To See is to Believe

I had to go to an important event, but I had no one to bring with me. All of my female friends had other engagements, and couldn’t get a date. As a joke, a friend of mine suggested that I get a Maltepe escort. I thought he was being serious, so I looked into it, and it seemed like a pretty good idea. The women on the escort website that I was using looked beautiful, even more so than the average person that I would see on the street. When I told my friend that I actually got an escort, he thought I was joking.

When my friend realized that I was serious, he wanted to see her in person, so I told him he could hang out at my apartment until she arrives. I showed him a picture of her from the website, and he was sure that there was no way the escort would look anything like her picture. He thought I had gotten scammed and would get some old, fat lady who chain smokes and has a raspy voice. I assured him that the woman would be the real deal, and that other people who had met her before even left positive reviews. My friend thought those reviews were fake.

Once the escort arrived at my apartment, I opened the door and there was no raspy voiced old chain smoking lady there. The escort looked exactly like she did online, and my friend was shocked to see her. When she introduced herself to my friend and me, my friend could barely form any sentences because he was in awe of how beautiful she looked. My friend never doubted the escort website again, and as soon as we left, he went home to make arrangements for his own escort.