Feudalism is Real and Ugly

I have a good friend who has family living in Pakistan. He struggles with how they are because of the stories that he reads on a daily basis. He is able to talk with them at times on the phone, and he hears both good and bad stories. He told me that feudalism is rampant in the area where his relatives live, and that is the main reason why he is so afraid for them. I had heard of feudalism before, but I did not know how to apply it to the real world since I have never experienced anything like it.

When I asked him to explain it in more context, he did. I was shocked because I knew that bad things happened in the world, but I guess I was living more in a bubble than I realized because those things just did not happen around me. Crime is bad at times, but it is not something where I am terrified, always wondering what the day is going to bring to me. His relatives were living in a particularly bad area of Pakistan that was controlled by a very rich few, and they made sure that they used every means to keep the poor under their control.

He told me that there are many more stories like the ones he had told me. His family was actually lucky because no one had been murdered or disfigured by the hands of the few in charge of their territory. He showed me a website where I was able to read story after story how the politically rich and powerful control the rest through fear. My eyes were opened wide that day, and I cannot say I wish they were not. It is good for us to know what the rest of the world is going through because perhaps it will bother enough of us to promote some kind of change.